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Xuzhou army chardonnay fitness equipment co., LTD., founded in 1973, many years of history, who is thin hair.
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  • "Army chardonnay sports industrial park covers an area of nearly 500 acres" is one of the largest sporting goods production base in jiangsu province.
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  • "KangLiYuan Sports Industrial Park "covers an area of nearly 500 acres, is Jiangsu's largest sporting goods production base。
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  • Each year an average of nearly 60 varieties in the market at home and abroad, won more than 20 national patents
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  • Committed to the development of health, in fitness business, safeguard human health, providing most valuable products and services.
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  • The chardonnay sales network all over the country more than 600 cities of the country's more than 1000 terminal network.
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  • Strong r&d team, efficient routing management and favorable environment is Chicago electric quality guarantee.
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    2014Website, at the same time online mallAMain board listed companies


    2014Xuzhou army chardonnay fitness equipment co., LTD., China entry-exit inspection and quarantine issued by China quality inspection association credit enterprise certificate, the national fitness equipment industry, won this award for the only three army chardonnay company get this certificate is only one enterprise in jiangsu province.


    2011The chardonnay company for $1 billion to build "the chardonnay sports industrial park", the project included in the development of sports in jiangsu province "twelfth five-year" plan, be in jiangsu province and even the nation's largest fitness equipment, sporting goods production base, the chardonnay entering spanning development in the new period.


    2008Electric car running through the CE, GS, RHOS, TUV and so on many international certification, large quantities of entering the European market.


    2005The chardonnay candidate "Chinese famous brand", famous brand of jiangsu province, xuzhou quality prize. In 2006 won the "nation inspection-exempted products" title.


    2003Enterprise one-time passed the ISO9000 certification, electric treadmill successfully developed and mass production.


    2002Family enterprise power products, successfully break into the U.S. wal-mart entered a stage of rapid development.


    1999National sampling inspection qualified product, China sporting goods exposition gold medal. In 2000, approved by the ministry of foreign trade, import and export rights.


    1998Enterprise restructuring, xuzhou chardonnay fitness equipment co., LTD. Was set up, the products obtain excellent sporting goods again, the products are rated as "national brand" products, the China association for bodybuilding products designated trainers.


    1996Xuzhou chardonnay machines equipment co., LTD. Was set up, then the restructuring of private enterprises, from now on to glow the new vitality and vigor.


    1973As a forerunner of the chardonnay is a national enterprise was founded in 1973.

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