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Xuzhou army chardonnay fitness equipment co., LTD., founded in 1973, many years of history, who is thin hair.
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  • "Army chardonnay sports industrial park covers an area of nearly 500 acres" is one of the largest sporting goods production base in jiangsu province.
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  • "KangLiYuan Sports Industrial Park "covers an area of nearly 500 acres, is Jiangsu's largest sporting goods production base。
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  • Each year an average of nearly 60 varieties in the market at home and abroad, won more than 20 national patents
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  • Committed to the development of health, in fitness business, safeguard human health, providing most valuable products and services.
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  • The chardonnay sales network all over the country more than 600 cities of the country's more than 1000 terminal network.
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  • Strong r&d team, efficient routing management and favorable environment is Chicago electric quality guarantee.
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    President Speech
          Reviewing the development of the enterprise, we have had good times, there have been inverse;Have been brilliant, and have had setbacks;Have experience, and have had lessons, but we never give up!Always work conscientiously, diligently study, not stick to one pattern of thinking, have worked to create, in the face of challenge, brave struggle, grasp the opportunities, pushed forward.
           As the leading company, the company's achievement to my delight, I appreciate.My heartfelt thanks to give us the trust and endless power of customers, thanks to the company painstakingly dedicated employees, enterprise's resources are limited, and social resources is infinite, we will with all rivers run into sea mind, broad and the social from all walks of life to carry out various cooperation, to create high-quality service, create the excellent talents, in order to return the trust of the clients, staff dedication and love of the society.
    I often reflect on, the enterprise power, looking for the development of the elements.The era have entrusted to the enterprise historical mission is what?Is a modern shape of knowledge enterprises;With the core competitiveness of enterprises;A longevity enterprise;A rich social responsibility of enterprises.To this end, we will always adhering to the "unity, struggle, loyalty and dedication" of the enterprise purpose, to seize opportunities, meet the challenge, accelerate development, to create enterprise brilliant.This is a business person dare not XieJian responsibility in fierce market competition.Yesterday, we didn't want to stay, because tomorrow's road is just beginning!
           The chardonnay with you hand in hand altogether will create happy tomorrow!
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