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  • "Army chardonnay sports industrial park covers an area of nearly 500 acres" is one of the largest sporting goods production base in jiangsu province.
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  • "KangLiYuan Sports Industrial Park "covers an area of nearly 500 acres, is Jiangsu's largest sporting goods production base。
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    Location:Home - News - National Health Qigong management conference held in Beijing
    National Health Qigong management conference held in Beijing
    pubdate:2014/11/17 9:29:50                  clicks:2532

          21 and 22 December 2011, the National Health Qigong management conference formally convened in Beijing. State Sports General Administration Assistant Secretary Xiaomin at the meeting that on the 21st, "to promote the development of socialist culture in the center, the larger environment and prosperity, Qigong as an integral part of Chinese traditional culture, gained new opportunities for development and prosperity. Qigong career after 10 years of efforts, the promotion at home and abroad continue to achieve new breakthroughs. "September this year, held in Beijing in the 14th World Sport for All Congress, the" city of a hundred thousand villages National health Qigong Exchange show a series of activities, "won the international Olympic Commission awarded the "development and Promotion" award. Currently Qigong Management Centre has launched nine kinds of fitness innovations of the new power law, the country has built more than 13,000 active sites, the practice of the masses more than 100 million people. 10 years to promote the spread in 32 countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, Qigong project has officially entered the National Sports Conference and the World Sports Congress.
          In addition to July 2012, the upcoming establishment of the International Health Qigong Association, the London Olympics will be held before the International Health Qigong exchange activities in the UK.
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